2018- The  R.L.S.  Tea Room  NEWS -2018

Welcome to the Official Site of The Robert Louis Stevenson Tea Room;  My Underwoods album is complete at last and all the gardens here on the mountain are planted.  The R.L.S. Tea Room is being tended to with plans to open the doors to guests by appointment exclusively in 2019. Exciting, especially for those of you who have been my Tea Room guests before and for we who have missed you dearly. Not only will the menu reach new heights of wonder with tropic influence a la Mrs. R.L. Stevenson, the teas I have hand-grown organically in the tropics, USA have been cast into the mix of my menu of rarest teas of literary and historical merit. And, a new face is on the horizon, mystery of mysteries, and there are many stories of travels to tell -with guests. Children are adored in hours of lessons of learning about teatime, literature and themed children's workshops & events. Thank you, watch the show on PBS linked to this site, fond memories!

                ~R. Leonard, Proprietress of The Robert Louis Stevenson Tea Room LLC 


               Wraith in Winter, Saranac Lake


                  I'd travelled with my people

                      away to  Snowy-Land 

                       to honor the True Poet,

                             a great and honest man.


            Now presently, I Wraith, 

         who died, 'twas buried there,

           follow still, am watching them...

                    build dreams in Tropic-Land.

-Rita Leonard, May 4th, 2016