The Heart of Ballantrae

by Rita Leonard

Released 2014
RL*RLS Original Editions
Released 2014
RL*RLS Original Editions
on UNDERWOODS♣2017-future purchase
Text & music by RL, President Emerita of The Stevenson Society of America; a ballad written in Saranac Lake inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson, completed in Waikiki; RL on vocals, guitar & flute.
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This is the ballad-mate for Stevenson's 'Winter's Tale' know as The Master of Ballantrae; RL highlights the plight of the female character; RLS was criticized as not giving his women characters a true voice. This composer believes Alison's predominant silences, and via Stevenson's settings and storyline reveals the author's deep awareness of the truest struggles of women. This piece was conceived of while RL, composer first lived in Saranac Lake.